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Eating Disorder Treatment Specialist

A Warm Welcome to Nourishing Routes 

If you're reading this, I want you to know that you are not alone, and that full recovery from an eating disorder truly is possible for you or a loved one - no matter how long you may have suffered.

My name is Marissa, and  after spending many year's in and out of hospital and clinically intimidating therapy rooms when enduring Anorexia Nervosa, I felt that there must be something more tailored and holistic for individuals in recovery from an eating disorder. For me, the real transformation happened outside rigid meal plans, weighing scales and white-washed walls. 


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Through my own journey to full recovery, I became intrigued to learn everything I possibly could about Psychology, Nutrition, Counselling and Health. Aside from formal training and education, I reclaimed my life back through practicing yoga, practically challenging all of my fear foods, expressing creativity and re-connecting with my community.

Ultimately, I created Nourishing Routes to help empower others to find their own tailored paths to recovery, as I believe that each person's recovery should be as unique and diverse as themselves


Why Coaching for Eating Disorder Recovery?

Coaching can be life changing, as it involves collaborating with someone who is an expert by experience in their own recovery

Coaching harnesses your own goals and values, while placing the autonomy and power back within your own hands

Unlike traditional therapy, Coaching empowers you to take action outside clinical settings, and brings recovery into the real world

Coaching takes a more practical approach to equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence  to challenge your fears and reconnect with life in a way that enables you to rekindle freedom, creativity, purpose and a zest for life

        Eating Disorder Recovery 
Nourishing Routes

 "Our mission to help empower individuals to lead a more Compassionate Lifestyle - 

without being held back by a

negative relationship

with Food and Body "

By Working Together, We can Support you to:

Identify and challenge Fear Foods as and when you feel ready

Develop a compassionate relationship with food and body

Understand the mechanisms and functions of your eating disorder / disordered eating

Break free from rigidly counting Calories or other nutrients

Find new ways to move your body that don't involve compulsive exercise

Eating Disorder Recovery Specialist