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Are you looking after someone with an eating disorder?

Being a parent or carer of a loved one with a negative relationship with food and body

can be very demanding indeed. 

It is essential that to know that you will play a great part in your child's recovery, please remember that you will be supporting them 99.9% of the time, with the therapist just 0.1% of the time?

Please feel free to email myself (Marissa) if you would like any information for "Best Practice Support" Learning to be the best that you can be, will certainly speed up your child's recovery.


  • You may have to take time away from work or possibly taking a career break to look after the person depending on the severity of the condition.

  • Planning and Preparation will be key for your roll to play in their recovery journey. Nourishing Routes can help you prepare a plan based on your current circumstances.

  • For instance you may need help in finding extra financial support to meet the following additional requirements you perhaps have not thought about... 

Can I get paid as a Carer to look after my loved one?, Additional Support for the following... Extra Heating Bills, Additional Food and Supplements, Travel and Expenses.  Council Tax, Having the right financial support in place plays a major part and is key to supporting recovery. 

Taking a Little Time Out!

to Plan and Prepare Now will make things run more smoothly in the long run, reducing worry and anxiety

Please contact ourselves at  if you would like to access more information on receiving Extra helpful information for support.  With our expertise we can help you plan.

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